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Frustrated Service Advisors Equals Frustrated Customers

Providing a Texting Solution can help your Service Advisors with unnecessary daily challenges

November 2018

Your Service Advisors are part of the life blood of your Service Department. They are generally the first line of communication with your Service customers, and are expected to keep your customers informed and happy. Not to mention also being able to recommend additional services when needed and help increase the overall Service Department ROI.

Yet, every day, your busy Service Advisors are faced with a multitude of challenges that prevent them from fulfilling all of these duties to their best ability.

Texting Service Department

Some of these daily challenges are:

  • keeping customers informed throughout their repair process
  • not being able to quickly reach a customer if they need a quick response
  • missing customer calls if they have to step away from their desk
  • not being able to easily inform customers of any unexpected or additional work that may come up
  • dealing with inconvenienced or frustrated customers and customer complaints

Texting can address these challenges

An easy way to overcome all of these challenges is to implement a texting solution that all of your advisors can seamlessly use.

A texting platform will keep your customers informed throughout the entire repair process, from Service Reminder to check in; from service completion to Service Follow ups.  Additionally, your Service Advisors will no longer be stuck playing phone tag or leaving voice messages that go unheard. Your busy customers will find it hard to take a phone call or check their emails if they are in meetings or hard at work. But they will be able to check a quick text message — 98% of the time to be exact!  Over 98% of text messages are read, and 95% of those are read within 3 minutes. If you’re needing a quick response from our customer, texting is your best option.

Texting works both ways a well. If your customer has a quick question or needs to tell you something, they can easily reach you by texting you directly. You won’t miss their phone call, or they won’t get stuck on hold or routed to the wrong department or Advisor. With the addition of a texting platform, your advisors voice message in box will decrease very significantly! And if there are some unexpected repairs needed, what better way to inform your customer then by sending a picture directly to their phone. Advisors can send a picture of the damaged part or area that requires repair to let the customer instantly see what is needed and make a timely decision to provide that needed repair approval to go ahead.

Additional benefits of adopting a texting platform

On top of relieving all of these above noted challenges, a texting solution also:

  • saves advisors time by reducing the number of voicemails that they would need to send or check
  • creates trust and customer satisfaction with the ability to provide frequent communication and transparency
  • helps your dealership service more cars and service them faster as it significantly speeds up on hold time and turn around for customer approvals
  • increases Service Department ROI for upsell and additional required work. We know that customers are more visual, and the ability to send images instantly provides more confidence and trust then only a verbal phone conversation would provide.

The addition of a texting platform can help your advisors provide that extra level of customer service that is greatly needed in today’s fast-past industry. Staying current and competitive is an absolute must in this industry!  Integrating an effective texting solution will both reduce your Service Advisor’s frustration levels, making them a more productive and positive employee, AND increase your customer’s overall satisfaction and service experience.  Now that’s a win-win for everyone!

VenueVision’s autoTEXT solution is designed specifically to address all of these Service Department challenges and more. If you’re looking to improve your overall communication and provide a greater level of Customer Service, contact VenueVision for a demo to see how autoTEXT can improve your Service Department.