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Improve communication and retention through better and faster messaging.

A centralized texting solution for any DMS

VenueVision’s new autoTEXT solution provides dealers with a centralized text messaging solution that lets staff seamlessly connect with their customers, regardless of their Dealer Management System (DMS).

This enables dealers to improve communication and service department productivity through better and faster messaging.

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autoTEXT - starter package

Reduce reliance on mobile phones & costly cellular plans with a centralized desktop system

With autoTEXT, dealers don’t have to rely solely on staff mobile phones and costly cellular plans to communicate with customers; everyone has access to a centralized desktop system that sends and receives texts.
autoTEXT features and fuctions

Dealer Managed
Dealers can set a single number – or different numbers for each department – to manage texts from one place.

Reduce Wireless Costs
Not only does autoTEXT streamline and centralize communication, it eliminates the cost of individual mobile phones and wireless plans.

Convenient for Customers
Customers can text to request appointments and text to ask questions about service details, costs, pick-up logistics, etc.

Easy & Fast for Staff to Use

  • Select from fully editable pre-built messages for each stage of communication – designed to save keystrokes
  • Build your own templates – customize to your dealership
  • Confirm service and sales appointments by text
  • Include attachments (e.g. estimates, invoices, statements, photos, videos, PDFs, etc.)
  • Send service status updates at each stage of repair
  • Get faster authorizations on repairs, parts orders, accessory sales, etc.
  • Notify on service completions with payment option and more

Fewer customers want phone calls. They want texts.

Texts take a lot less time than repeated calls, phone conversations and voice mails. According to J.D. Power’s Customer Service Index, fewer customers want phone calls. They want texts. In fact, 27% of customers with mass market brand vehicles, 42% of premium brand customers and 41% of younger customers want to communicate by text.

Texting doesn’t just make communication better – it builds retention.

In the J.D. Power study, only half of the customers contacted by phone said they would return – but for those who got texts, that rate jumped to two-thirds.

autoTEXT message exchange between dealer service dept and customer

Status update on completion and payment options

ALL Departments Can Take Advantage Of Text Messaging

SERVICE Departments

Book & confirm appointments by text
Customers can request and confirm appointments using text messaging

Status updates by text
Keep customers informed throughout the repair and notify when vehicles are complete and ready for pickup

Repair authorizations by text
Message customers for faster approvals on repairs

Pay by text
Expand upon the customer experience! autoTEXT can be enhanced with optional payment capabilities through Mobile Cashier so customers can view and pay invoices directly from their devices.

SALES Departments

Communicate by text
Make and confirm sales appointments or test drives, follow up with customers and answer their questions, etc.

PARTS Departments

Take orders by text
Faster, easier wholesale and special order parts  – notify customers on parts arrivals

ACCOUNTING Departments

A/R by text
Speed up your receivables collection. Attach statements and originals.


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