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Real-time visibility to shuttle location, routes and stops.

Streamline service and get centralized visibility through real-time shuttle tracking

VenueVision’s new Shuttle Tracker solution is a GPS vehicle tracking and management system that streamlines service by giving dealerships centralized visibility into routes and changes for their shuttle and parts vehicles.

With Shuttle Tracker, the service desk can see shuttle location to better estimate ETA, dispatch new pick-up locations and send the driver notifications and requests – all via Garmin, and in real-time.

Shuttle Tracker

Shuttle Tracker
Shuttle Tracker - real time tracking

Service desk staff see the shuttle location in real-time and can access a variety of reports and functions through the centralized system.

Shuttle Tracker’s key benefits

Centralized desktop system
Real-time dispatch to shuttle
Instant text notifications of pick-ups & drop-offs
Live visibility to shuttle & parts vehicles
Geo-fence capabilities

Multiple reports (e.g. idling, fuel usage, speeding, etc.)
GPS & Watchdog technology
Easy OBD-II installation
Easy access across multiple devices

Shuttle Tracker - different device displays

Real-time GPS vehicle tracking

Quickly view all shuttle locations, confirm or modify customer pick-ups and drop offs to optimize routing, and easily estimate ETAs back to the dealership – all through real-time GPS vehicle tracking. With Shuttle Tracker, you can quickly locate and coordinate all shuttles and their locations to ensure less overlap in the same areas.

Messaging & dispatching

Improve customer experience by streamlining messaging and dispatching with your shuttle drivers. Plan, optimize, and dispatch routes directly to your driver through the in-vehicle Garmin. Drivers can message, change status and mark jobs complete.

Increase operational efficiency

With better control you will dispatch more, waste less, and make more money. Increase operational efficiency through time card, congregation, route, customer visits, trips history and activity summary reports stance.

Monitor & reduce idle time

Shuttle Tracker provides vehicle by vehicle reports on idle time, gas consumption and driver habits.

Driver safety coaching

In-vehicle driver beeps provide coaching for drivers to self-correct harsh driving, excess idling and speeding habits, resulting in significant fuel and safety savings.

Vehicle diagnostics

Pull engine hours and odometer readings from the vehicle. Diagnose vehicle faults remotely and prevent costly downtime. Manage powerful reports and alerts for fuel, temperature, and pressure directly from the vehicle’s computer.

Become more responsive and efficient by streamlining customer drop-offs and pick-ups

Get automatic notification on shuttle arrivals – for both service customers and staff

Shuttle Tracker’s geo-fencing capability maps the dealership perimeter and can be programmed to provide arrival notifications. Customers waiting at the dealership lounge see the notifications on large screens and know exactly when the vehicle has arrived. Service staff get the same information on their Shuttle Tracker dashboard at service reception.

Ensure efficient routing – all the time

Geo-fencing also ensures efficient routing at all times. Users can easily create restrictions around specific locations (like local coffee shops, where drivers might take unscheduled breaks) and get notifications if a vehicle enters a restricted area. (At the very least, you can request the driver to bring you back a coffee too!)

Shuttle Tracker in service area
Shuttle Tracker - display for customer viewing

Eliminate reliance on mobile phones and costly wireless plans

Dealerships gain asset visibility into a costly service that has up to now been a manual process – that was often managed through one phone call at a time with the shuttle driver. This eliminates the reliance on mobile phones and costly wireless plans. Installation is easy, just plug and play – no messy wiring required!

Easy plug and play installation

Shuttle Tracker - plug and play
Garmin Full Set w map
Shuttle Tracker - Garmin_Nuvi_Image

Reporting that helps more efficiently manage your dealership

With Shuttle Tracker’s centralized platform and reporting dashboard, you get powerful data at your fingertips. This enables you to access vehicle and driver information all in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.



Harsh Braking & Cornering
Hard Acceleration & Speeding
Seat Belt (Driver)
Possible Accident
Later Arrival & Early Leave
Unauthorized Device Removal
Battery Drain
Engine Light On
Backing up When Leaving

Additional Items

Basic Driver Score
Distance Driven
Percentage of Time Idling
Driver Score Card and Cost
Fuel Usage Report
Engine Faults
Idling Time & Cost Trend
Posted Road Speeding Incidents
Utilization Report
Watchdog Report
Weekly Time Card by Activity

Default Reports

Audit Log
Congregation Report
Customer Visits Detail
Customer Visits Summary
DVIR (Driver vehicle Inspection Report)
Log Details/Accident Report
Device Install History & Device Report
Diagnostic List
Engine Fault
Fill-Ups / Fuel Tax / Fuel Usage
And More…

Customer feedback

“We were surprised by the amount of data the Shuttle Tracker provided, and the ease with which we can communicate destination addresses directly with the drivers. We have reduced costs on cellular data fees, and the visible increase in efficiency has improved CSI. The Geo-fencing has been an asset as well.”

– Ara Pashayan of Parkway Honda, Mississauga

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