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The future of the dealership is in digital and mobile technology — and that future is now!

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Dealerships need to embrace mobile technology to stay ahead of the competition

Mobile Dealerships

It’s become obvious that technology and mobile applications are running the world, and more importantly, the way businesses and consumers interact.

Consumers have grown to expect and rely on the instantaneous results and convenience of digital technology. Things have been drastically changing in the last decade in areas such as retail, the food industry, real estate and business. Now it’s time for the automotive world to catch up.

Stay ahead of the competition

In order to stay ahead of the competition, dealerships today need to fully embrace new innovations and adapt older processes to include these technologies. One of the most harmful phrases in business is “We’ve always done it this way.” Today’s rapidly changing business world is not the place for resistance. It's not productive to keep using old processes that have always worked ‘just fine’.

Dealerships need to graduate from some of the more antiquated processes that hold them back from improvement and modernization. How do you know if your dealership is stuck in the past? If your dealership still has dry erase boards with current sales pricing, out of date wall posters in service, is leaving voicemails that don’t get heard or calling around the dealership to see who needs a shuttle (to name a few), then you are guilty as charged.  

Modernize with mobile technology

Modernizing your processes is the first step to building a better dealership. And building a better dealership means building a better customer experience. Embracing digital technology and mobile solutions will get your dealership to that level. Here are some common areas of frustration and delay at a dealership that can greatly be improved with new technology:

THE CHECK IN. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Welcome and inform your customers as soon as they enter your dealership with branded Appointment screens identifying their appointment time and assigned Advisor. Educate and help upsell your current specials with appropriate videos and promotional marketing on digital screens.

COMMUNICATION. Keep your customers in the loop throughout their service with text alerts for appointment reminders, progress of their vehicle or unforeseen repair issues. Give customers a quick and direct line of communication to their Advisor with text messaging to address any questions or concerns they may have.

SALES OPPORTUNITIES. Your sales team can receive details about customers regarding possible trade in or appraisal opportunities. Digital screens can display Pre-owned vehicle inventory to catch the attention of customers in the dealership.

TRANSPORTATION. Imagine knowing at all times where your Shuttle or loaner vehicles are. With the right technology you can provide scheduling and management of your transportation vehicles and loaner fleets to keep all staff informed and organized. Keep customers in the loop about their transportation requests with text confirmations and links to track shuttle location and arrival details.

THE CHECK OUT. Decrease wait times and frustration at the cashier’s window by providing a mobile payment option. Allow customers to pay quickly, securely and conveniently ahead of time, and from any location. Give customers the ability to safely provide deposits or payments for parts, vehicles or warranties without having to come down to the dealership or give out credit information.

BEFORE OR AFTER HOURS. Not every customer is able to work within your hours. Your dealership can provide convenient and secure before and after hours drop off and pick up kiosks. No more guessing what keys go with which vehicle. Customers can input specific details regarding their service needs to reduce delays in starting repairs.   

Many new technologies to choose from

As you can see, there is a whole new world of technologies. Technology that can help increase productivity and customer service. Dealerships who embrace these digital and mobile technologies can improve in two major areas. First, it will make all of your dealership processes run more efficiently and profitably. Second, it will drastically improve the customer experience and let your customers know that your dealership is forward thinking.  

Investing in your customers and improving their experiences with your dealership will ultimately benefit customer retention and loyalty across all your dealership departments. And that is a very good reason to embrace the digital and mobile future!

5 Reasons your dealership should be using mobile payments

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Payment options for customers on the go!

Mobile Cashier mobile payment

Your customers are important to you, and you know just how busy they are. With today’s technology and busy schedules, people are using their smartphones to complete daily tasks — every day and all day.  So why not have that activity include paying for their Dealership services?

An increasing number of consumers are embracing the idea of using a mobile device to pay for goods and services. It’s faster, more convenient and often can be linked to rewards and discounts. Look at the steady and rapid increase of online shopping. Customers love to buy in the comfort of their own home or at work, and on their own time. Even the introduction of ‘tap to pay’ contactless technology is becoming more common place to allow a quick payment option.

In recent studies it was shown that 72% of mobile payment users are Millennials (Ages 18-34) or Generation Xers (ages 35-50). (Source: PEW Charitable Trust survey).  Did you know that Millennials represent the fastest growing segment among vehicle buyers and will likely represent about 40% of the US new vehicle market by 2020? (source: Automotive News) That is a lot of current and up and coming customers!

The customer wants what the customer wants

There’s no denying it, customers want hassle free payment and checkout processes so they can speed up checkout and get on with their busy schedules. Dealership customers are no exception. If they can reduce checkout time or pay for services without having to make an extra trip down to your dealership, why wouldn’t they? Still need some convincing? Here are 5 no-brainer reasons why your dealership should be adopting mobile payment technology.

1. It's convenient for your customers

Customers can pay their invoice from anywhere, and at a time that works with their busy daily schedule. They can pay ahead of time and then pick up their vehicle at the end of the day, hassle free, and avoiding that 5pm checkout rush. Or provide payment links for customers to pay for parts, extended warranties or vehicle deposits, without having to come back into your dealership. You save your customers a trip and your payments are received within minutes!

2. It's safe and secure

Mobile payments keep both your customers AND your dealership safe! With stringent privacy laws and threats of credit card fraud, mobile payments take the human element out of the payment process. Dealership staff should never be taking credit card information over the phone. You might be surprised how often that can be the case. The process of mobile payments allows customers to feel safe knowing their card never leaves their hands, and your staff no longer need to handle private credit card information. It’s a win-win.

3. It shows you are progressive

Your customers will notice your dealership is making advancements and investments in their services. Providing customers with more payment options increases the scope of customers you want to reach. Keeping up with technology and customers’ needs is a major part of staying ahead of the competition. And staying ahead of the competition and investing in your customers is the best way to increase customer loyalty and retention.

4. It improves the overall Customer Experience

By providing an opportunity for customers to pay at any time, you provide not only a convenient solution but an enhanced payment experience — an experience that makes your customer feel important and valued. Your customers will also appreciate the control that is put back into their hands. The quick, seamless payment process will impress, and the reduced checkout times will add to the satisfaction of their dealership experience.

5. It streamlines accounting processes

With mobile payments, all transaction details and confirmations are digitally captured in one location, eliminating data entry and avoiding the end of day backlog of invoices or receipts. All transactions are recorded and batched by the system, so once again, removes the chance for any human error. Digital receipts sent to customers are also environmentally-friendly as they eliminate the need for paper receipts, so choosing mobile payment technology will help in your dealership’s green endeavours.

Time to embrace mobile payment technology

Adapting to mobile payment technology is extremely valuable for your dealership. In today’s technologically advanced times, businesses are encouraged to embrace mobile payments to provide customers more payment options.  With increasingly busy schedules, customers are looking to pay as easily and as quickly as possible, with the flexibility to pay throughout the day when it works with their schedule.

Keeping up with modern technology is also key to targeting the growing and changing customer landscape. The group of Millennials and Gen Xers that make up the current 72 percent of mobile payments users “are especially compelled by the option to receive rewards, discounts, alerts, electronic receipts, and are the most likely age groups to say mobile payments are faster and easier than other payment methods.” (source: Pew Charitable Trusts survey).  If you want your dealership to provide a higher level of customer service that appeals to your ever-growing customer demographic, you need to provide the services and options they are looking for. 

In short, the Mobile Payment market has a bright future, as will forward-thinking dealerships looking to stay ahead of the competition and continually improving the customer experience.

VenueVision's Mobile Cashier can help your dealership provide this higher level of customer experience and keep your customers and your dealership safe!

Card Not Present transactions pose a serious risk for dealerships

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Here’s why you should stop taking credit card information over the phone and shut off manual payment on your credit card terminals

Mobile Cashier Credit Card Fraud

In today’s fast-paced society, dealerships are faced with the difficult position of wanting to accept payments for their customers that are quick and simple. While at the same time providing the highest level of safety and security.

Dealers who take credit card payments over the phone can be victimized if they are not aware of fraud protection practices or are not abiding by Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. In the case of credit card fraud, not only do the merchants lose the product sold, they are often required to pay back the funds to the financial institutions.

A higher rate of fraud

Statistics show that card-not-present (CNP) transactions have a higher rate of fraud than card machine payments. CNP includes over the phone payments where the cardholder does not physically present the card to the merchant.

“Card not present transactions pose a serious risk for businesses and individuals. CNP is the most prevalent type of credit card fraud. It reached $537.3 Million CAD in 2016 and continues to rise.”

Customers have come to expect secure transactions processed and authorized in real-time. Yet, many dealerships do not realize the risks involved when collecting sensitive payment card information over the phone. What would happen if your customers experienced identity theft and fraud that occurred as a result of doing business with you? Not only would you run the risk of losing that customer, you would have to convince your remaining customers that your dealership is a safe place to do business.

Surprisingly, it’s humans, and not technology, who are the weakest link in the payment processing chain. Staff can account for the majority of data breaches. Having employees have access to sensitive credit card data by hearing it spoken by the customer in order to write it down or enter it into their DMS or CRM system puts you at risk from fraud. Think of all the ways human error can increase the risks when taking payments over the phone:

  • Untrained employees
  • Unethical behaviour
  • Privacy breaches – losing data, hand written credit information left out, computer left unattended
  • Unethical behaviour of people in proximity to your employees/customers

Compliancy can be complicated

To be compliant, businesses that accept or process payment cards over the phone need to adhere to the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Here’s a short list of what some of those standards call for:

  • Staff hearing credit card data over the phone require the scope of background checks and security awareness training
  • Employees need to know how to handle data securely. Written records of the credit card data must be shredded immediately after processing
  • If the information is being entered anywhere in your system, numbers must be truncated to only display the last 4 digits
  • Systems and workstations been configured with technology such as heightened network perimeter security, antivirus software and firewall protection systems

If you can’t say yes to all of the above, then you need to STOP taking credit card information over the phone immediately and shut off your manual payment on your credit card terminals!It’s not a question of IF a credit card fraud will happen at your dealership, it’s a question of WHEN!.

Mobile Cashier eliminates the risk

So, how can you identify a secure technology solution for processing payments over the phone? The answer is simply not to! Don’t write information down, don’t manually enter credit card numbers or store sensitive data at all. The best way to comply with PCI Data Security Standards is to remove that form of payment entirely.

Technology solutions like Mobile Cashier, obtain real-time authorizations securely using a simple, safe and secure payment link. Send payment links by text or email so customers can pay directly from their mobile device or computer. No special software or App is needed. The secure payment link takes them directly to a Dealer-branded payment page to review their invoice summary and then proceed to the secure payment page where they need only enter their credit card and CV numbers. It’s that simple, that safe and that fast.

Security Risk Bulletin: How are you obtaining your customer’s credit card information?

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Mobile Payment - FR

Are your staff members taking credit card information over the phone?  If they are, they could be putting your dealership at the risk of non-compliance with privacy laws, which could lead to fines and legal action.


What happens to those jotted down credit card numbers, printouts and faxes? Will they be shredded or just thrown out? Customers are concerned about what happens to their credit card information and want to ensure it isn’t easily viewed or stored, which can put them at risk for credit card fraud.

Within the privacy laws, the process for taking credit card information is stringent and can also be time-consuming. The credit card number must be filed in a secure location, either in a safe or under lock and key. Credit card numbers must not be stored electronically. Once the customer relationship is finished, the credit card number needs to be shredded. Are all these security steps taken at your dealership?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ then it’s time to rethink your process!  Stay compliant with credit card privacy laws with a streamlined, automated secure payment process.


Mobile Cashier gives staff the power to create and send custom payment links to any customer by text or email, thus connecting them securely to your dealer-branded payment portal. Dealers can use it for collecting any type of payment, such as: service invoices, vehicle deposits, parts deposits, and even receivables collection. Customers can pay in seconds from any mobile or PC-based browser. No more faxes or giving credit card numbers over the phone, no more waiting, and zero security risks.


Improve customer convenience and satisfaction as well as help protect your business and your customers. With Mobile Cashier, your customers can be assured of using a secure, safe and quick method of payment for any of their transactions at your dealership. By using Mobile Cashier, your staff need not write down and store credit card details, and your customers can feel safe knowing that their private credit card information is not stored or easily viewed.  Plus the added convenience of being able to pay online streamlines the process for both your dealership and the customer, putting that valuable time back in their hands.

“Mobile Cashier is like a portable credit card machine that turns any cell phone into a payment terminal. We call it our remote POS machine. It’s simple and secure, and Dams Ford Lincoln customers love it. Feedback has been great – customers appreciate that we’re making things easier for them. And the payment screens are branded to our dealership, so that adds another layer of credibility.”


Mobile payment integration boosts customer experience for dealership service departments

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With Mobile Cashier by VenueVision, dealerships can offer easy mobile payment options for customers on the go.

Mobile Cashier Invoice view
Viewing Service invoice on Dealer-branded payment page

VenueVision Media Systems, which provides high-impact, real-time digital media solutions to automotive dealerships, has just launched Mobile Cashier, an express e-payment solution for parts and service departments. Customers get dealer-branded notifications of repair completion along with a copy of their invoice on their smartphone, tablet or PC. This notification link allows customers to review and pay for their repair in advance of picking up their car.

“Mobile Cashier is an innovative leap forward for auto dealers and their service customers alike,” says Dave Hooper, President of VenueVision. “This express mobile payment solution allows service customers to skip the cashier line and pick up their vehicle at their convenience while drastically reducing the 5:00 pm rush for dealership staff. In the competitive, fast-paced automotive marketplace, great service with an emphasis on ease and convenience is vital.”

Here’s how mobile payment works:

  • Once a service repair is complete and ready for pick-up, the customer is automatically notified by email or text. The notification contains an invoice and a link to the dealer-branded payment page. This page is pre-populated with the customer’s name, invoice number and invoice amount.
  • The secure payment portal prompts the customer to enter credit card information. The transaction is then completed and notifies the dealer’s cashier of confirmed payment.
  • The customer receives a text or email confirming payment and picks up their vehicle when convenient.
  • Customers can access the dealer-branded Mobile Cashier dashboard from any mobile or PC-based browser without specialized hardware or software requirements. On the backend, Mobile Cashier is fully integrated with VenueVision’s service applications, enabling it to complete transactions in real-time.

Mobile Cashier offers an exciting opportunity for automotive dealerships to improve the customer experience, hence positively impacting a customer’s service perception directly on their personal smartphones. With mobile payment, customers don’t have to rush to pick up their vehicles before the service department closes. Additionally, service cashiers get a break from the ‘5 pm rush’. Customers can pick up their keys at reception anytime before the dealership closes – their service is already paid for. It’s a value-added service that everyone will appreciate.