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Provide customers with check in and pick up options. These smart service kiosks offer check in options that are proven to increase revenue, improve the customer experience and streamline operations

Virtual Service Advisors

Maximize your Service Lane and morning check in rush with smart customer self-led service check in kiosks. 

Before and After Hour Kiosks

Before and after hours secure lock boxes allow customers to drop off or pick up their car and keys at times that work with their busy schedules.

VenueVision Kiosks



Improve the upsell rate at your dealership by 20%.

customer satisfaction

Offer a self-led check-in option that 85% of customers prefer.

VenueVision - Check-In Kiosk

improved efficiency

Fast, convenient and simple check-in, in under 2 minutes.


Collect customer information at a 95% accuracy rate..

integrated service kiosks and lock boxes

Customer Convenience

Your customers are busy and can have very demanding schedules, so dropping off their vehicle for service needs to work with their timing and their deadlines. Dealerships that can provide before hours check in and after hours pick up solutions will definitely stand out from their competition. 

Self-led Check ins

Providing self-led check in kiosks allow customers who are in a rush, or know exactly what they want, a faster, less stressful option to bringing in their vehicle and getting the repair process started

Safe Lock Boxes

Secure key lock boxes and kiosks will speed up their check in times and allow a safe and secure way of bringing their vehicle in for service with as little interruption in their day as possible.

Provide intelligent service advisor upselling
Improve your dealership's overall CSI Score
Maximize productivity and efficiency


What are people saying?

"The Check-In kiosk gives us the opportunity to offer 100% of our products and services 100% of the time. We never miss out on any upgrade or upsell opportunities. We have had the largest increase in services and parts per month, year over year."
Geoff Ewell
“When you improve efficiencies and reduce frustrations for the customer, you give them valuable time back in their busy day and in return they reward you with greater retention and better CSI scores. A win for everyone.”
Dave Hooper