Artificial Intelligence in the Dealership 

Blog Post: AI in Dealerships

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking things up across different industries, making processes smoother and more efficient for businesses and their customers. 

Automotive dealerships are also starting to use AI to help improve their businesses across departments. Did you know that 47% of dealers currently using AI use it to provide better customer service and increase revenues? 

One of the most effective ways dealerships are using AI is in customer service and communication. That’s why VenueVision has introduced some recent updates powered by AI to bring your dealership into the future! 

First, we will start with the base of any good customer service: quick communication. Did you know that two-thirds of customers say speed is as important as price. That’s why VenueVision has added two key AI features to autoTEXT, your texting solution. 

If you’re looking to reply quickly, you can use autoTEXT AI Prompt to instantly analyze a conversation with your customer and provide a suggested reply to the last incoming message. Not only will this reduce your average response time, it will help you provide clear and consistent communication. 

Also, with autoTEXT AI Editor, you can easily keep your messages concise and professional. With one click, the AI Editor will review your message and correct any spelling or grammar errors, even providing suggestions to improve tone and context. 

Next, we have three new performance-driving features available now in TechVideos. While TechVideos already allows your technicians to seamlessly record videos to increase transparency with your customers with features such as the ability to pause your recording and in-app editing, we have integrated AI to make the process even easier and each video even more accessible! 

AI Noise Cancellation automatically removes unwanted background noise from your video without affecting the main audio in real time. AI Subtitles harnesses the power of AI to auto-generate subtitles in English or French on every video captured. AI Translation allows your viewers to translate their AI-generated subtitles into one of over 20 languages with the built-in video player language switcher. You can see the new features in action and learn more here

Overall, AI is making car dealerships smarter, boosting sales, and giving customers a better experience. It’s no wonder that two-thirds of business leaders say investments in customer service AI result in significant performance improvements. So, if you’d like to get a walk-through of these new powerful features or learn how you can add these to your dealership, book a demo with our team today!