Loaner Management

Manage small or large loaner fleets in one centralized location

Improve efficiency and productivity

Never double-book a vehicle, over promise or lose track of when vehicles are due back

Manage and control inventory

Record damage, maintenance schedules, mileage and fuel levels as well as customer rental information

VenueVision Loaner Management

The power of centralized loaner management software

VenueVision’s loaner management solution is a powerful cloud-based software built for car dealerships. Manage and control all inventory for your entire dealership from one centralized page with complete oversight into vehicle status such as: available, reserved, booked, overdue and so much more. Having a loaner fleet, and having it properly managed can make a huge difference to your dealership and its overall customer experience. Plus, integrate it with our autoTEXT dashboard for even more convenience and functionality. 


Maintaining a fleet of loaner vehicles for customers to use while their cars and trucks are in for service is an increasingly vital feature of dealership service departments. How efficiently a dealership runs its loaner fleet can have a big impact on both service customers’ satisfaction and the bottom line.

stand out from the rest

A customer’s access to loaner vehicles is a major factor in choosing a service department and its location. The availability of a loaner vehicle can help close the inconvenience gap created by the distance between your facility and another mechanic located closer to your customer’s home.


A loaner fleet can provide trials of dealerships’ newer products. If your service customer is someone with an aging vehicle, or upcoming end of lease, getting them in a newer product in a loaner vehicle is a valuable sales asset, providing them a test drive during their repair process.


Reserve vehicles ahead of time to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent overbooking


Perform walk around inspections and record damage which is saved and tracked with each vehicle

credit charges

Securely collect charges for fuel consumption, damage, traffic violations or toll charges

VenueVision Loaner Management


View all history of bookings, damage, mileage, customer details for each loaner vehicle


Integrate with your DMS customer profile details to auto populate contracts


Print or email personalized rental agreements for customer records and authorization

Need for fleets are growing

Fleets are growing by about 10 to 15% per year, and that means the need for proper loaner fleet management is growing too. If you don’t master managing a loaner fleet, you may fall behind what customer’s are expecting as a good level of service. Giving customers their time back, makes it more convenient, and they’ll be more receptive to service repairs. Let VenueVision’s Loaner Management Software help create a service brand, improve your customer experience levels, and generate incremental customer-pay RO revenue.

Added functionality

Bundle Loaner Manager with some of our other innovative solutions to add extra functionality to your dashboard. Reserve, Book and Return your Loaner Vehicles right from your autoTEXT dashboard. Collect and track credit charges with Mobile Cashier


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