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Score BIG this hockey season with VenueVision's suite of solutions!

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Any new adds to your account between now and March 31, 2024 earns your dealership 5 more entries per product.*


Open to all active VenueVision customers. New customers signed up before each draw can take part as well. There will be three draws: November 30, 2023, January 31, 2024 and March 31, 2024.

Draw Prizes Include:
• 2024 All-Star Game Swag
• Authentic NHL Gear
• Toronto Maple Leafs Lower Bowl Tickets
• Toronto Marlies Tickets and Suite

Our suite of products helps you deliver a seamless experience to your customers, and we want you to enjoy the benefits of being a part of the VenueVision community! Fill out the form below to opt your dealership in.*

Contest is now closed

Check out our social media channels for winners, and follow along for future opportunities for our VenueVision clients

Contest ends April 30, 2024. All Prizes to be awarded on or before April 30, 2024. The “2023-2024 Score with VenueVision” promotional campaign is eligible for all current and active VenueVision Customers.


1. For every eligible EXISTING VenueVision Product* that a current customer subscribes to, they will receive one (1) ballot issued in their name. (i.e. ABC Dealership currently subscribes to autoTEXT and MobileCashier. They would receive two (2) ballots for the contest draws.)

2. For every NEW subscription to an eligible VenueVision product**, a dealership will receive five (5) ballots per product. (i.e. XYZ Dealership adds Digital Signage to their regular subscription of autoTEXT and MobileCashier, they will receive seven (7) ballots in total for their dealership — 2 for their existing products and 5 for subscribing to a new additional product.)

3. Each NEW customer will receive five (5) ballots per product purchased when they opt-in. (i.e. if a new customer signs up for autoText and Digital Signage, they will receive 10 ballots).

Dealership ballots are valid for all draws and items until they win, then that ballot is pulled for future draws. Contest is not open to dealerships in Quebec. Contest participants will be measured based on active contracts or new subscription purchases from Oct 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024. Draws will be held on Nov 30, 2023, Jan 31, 2024, and Apr 1, 2024. Current VenueVision employees are not eligible for this promotional campaign. All entrants give permission to VenueVision to post their names on company communication channels including social media.


TML ’47 Adjustable Baseball Cap (AV: $34.99); TML Toque (AV: $34.99); Pair of Marlies Tickets x3 (AV: $110 ea.); Auston Matthews Blue Jersey (AV: $199.99); Auston Matthews White Jersey (AV: $199.99); Mitch Marner Blue Jersey (AV: $199.99); Mitch Marner White Jersey (AV: $199.99); Pair of Leafs Tickets x3 (AV: $750.00 ea.); Marlies Suite for 15 guests – with 3 VenueVision Hosts (AV: $1,000.00).

*Eligible VenueVision products: autoTEXT, MobileCashier, Loaner Management, Digital Signage, Estimates, Loyalty Rewards, ShuttleTracker, TechVideos, TradeFinder.

**New subscriptions are based on a 12-month initial contract.