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Visibility & Analytics

Looking to track your Shuttles, Parts or Loaner vehicles?
Want to see fuel usage or reports on idling or speeding?


Scheduling & Dispatching

Need help scheduling and managing your Shuttle dispatch?
Tired of messy white boards or post-it notes?


Combine Tracker & Manager!

Combine both tools and get complete Shuttle control.
Track, Schedule and Dispatch from one simplified dashboard!

Replace those post-it notes and dry erase boards
with a streamlined scheduling and tracking tool

No more calling around in your customer lounge
to see who needs a Shuttle

Eliminate inefficient routing, save time and frustration
for drivers and provide an overall better customer experience



Streamline service and get centralized visibility through real-time shuttle tracking

VenueVision’s Shuttle Tracker solution is a GPS vehicle tracking and management system that streamlines service by giving dealerships a centralized visibility into routes and changes for their shuttle and parts vehicles. More importantly, the service desk can see shuttle locations, better estimate ETA, dispatch new pickup locations — in real-time!

A Window to all of your Transport Vehicles

Have full visibility to the location of all of your vehicles, any time of the day. Service staff can provide ETA of shuttle return and see who’s closest to send specific dispatch details to. Use on your Shuttles, Parts and Delivery Trucks and Loaner Vehicles.

Overview of daily trip history for each vehicle

See a full overview for each vehicle of their daily trip history. Review marked trips to see overlap and areas travelled. Can help enhance time and fuel efficiencies where multiple shuttles are in place. See all safety warnings shown per trip, per driver.

Vehicle details in real-time

See specific details regarding street location, travelling speed and posted speed limit for each tracking vehicle. Driving alerts such as seat belt or speeding are also shown. Geo-fencing capability maps the dealership perimeter and can provide arrival notifications.

Reporting that helps you manage your dealership more efficiently

Shuttle Tracker provides full reporting and analytics, vehicle by vehicle. As a result, you can run reports on all aspects of driving data, safety infractions, fuel consumption and even vehicle equipment faults and maintenance warnings. In-vehicle driver beeps provide coaching for drivers to self-correct harsh driving, idling and speeding habits, resulting in significant fuel and safety savings.

Shuttle Harsh BrakingBRAKING
Monitor harsh braking and possible accident warnings

Shuttle SpeedingSPEED
Speeding alerts shown with posted speed limits

Shuttle SeatbeltSAFETY
Be alerted to driver seat belt usage and driving habits

Shuttle Idling WarningECONOMY
Monitor vehicle idling time and cost trend

Shuttle Fuel ConsumptionEFFICIENCY
Monitor fuel usage and fill up frequency

Shuttle MaintenanceMAINTENANCE
Diagnose engine warnings to prevent downtime

Shuttle Driver ScoreDRIVER RATING
Receive Basic driver score rating and audit reports

Be alerted to unauthorized device removal or misuse

Shuttle Manager




Schedule and manage your Shuttle requests all from one centralized location

VenueVision’s Shuttle Manager solution allows your staff to manage one of the hardest to run areas in your dealership — your Shuttle Dispatch. With Shuttle Manager, you can replace those Post-it notes and dry erase boards with an easy-to-use, online scheduling and dispatching system. Keep track of all your Shuttle requests, whether you have one or multiple vehicles. Available with integration capability for easy access to customer information and appointment details. No more calling around in the Customer Lounge throughout the day to see who needs a Shuttle! It’s time to update your old, out-of-date processes with an automated, streamlined system that will have your customers’ needs taken care of from the time they book their Shuttle, to the time you drop them off at their door.

Captures all Shuttle Requests in one View

Web-based system that all staff can use to book, view and manage Shuttles throughout the day. Requests are shown in real-time, in one centralized map view for planning routes and assigning trips.

Provide enhanced Customer Service Experience

Take customer Shuttle requests ahead of time or at time of Service appointment, and keep them informed with text notifications and confirmations and the ability to text Shuttle requests or changes.

Increase Efficiency of your Shuttle department

At-a-glance visibility to all Shuttle bookings and customer information allow Shuttle drivers and all staff to stay organized, save time and frustration, and provide overall better customer service.

Shuttle Complete




Combine Shuttle Tracker and Manager for total visibility, scheduling and dispatching!

Shuttle Complete combines the organization of an easy-to-use scheduling system with the power of GPS tracking and real-time visibility. Get all the features of both Shuttle Tracker and Shuttle Manager in one centralized dashboard. Your staff will all have visibility to shuttle locations and routes, as well as the ability to schedule pick ups and drops off that are captured in one central location. Enhance the Customer Experience level by incorporating autoTEXT to allow for customer and shuttle driver notifications and confirmations by text.


All staff have real-time visibility of Shuttle locations to provide ETA of return or destination arrival. Reviewing route history helps keep department organized and efficient.


Schedule pick ups and drop offs for current or future scheduled appointments. All bookings marked in real-time on centralized map view. Review trip history by date.


Integrate with autoTEXT to send text confirmations and notifications to customers. Shuttle details can be sent directly to driver’s phones or tablets for easy navigation.


Assign riders to specific shuttle vehicles. Create optimized routes based on location. Dispatch Screens give Shuttle Drivers and staff quick visibility to passenger requests.


We were surprised by the amount of data Shuttle Tracker provided, and the ease with which we can communicate destinations. The visible increase in efficiency has improved our CSI. The Geo-fencing has been an asset as well.”


We worked with VenueVision to implement their Shuttle Manager system which has been a huge help to managing our vehicles and drivers. I would recommend them to anyone looking at the solutions they have to offer.”



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