Shuttle Tracker

Eliminate inefficient routing for your Shuttle and Valet vehicles, save time and frustration for drivers and provide an overall better customer experience

Schedule and manage your Shuttle and Valet requests all from one centralized location

Streamline service and get centralized visibility through real-time shuttle tracking

Shuttle App lets you assign directly to drivers

View all bookings on a single map view, in real-time

VenueVision’s Shuttle Tracker solution allows your staff to manage one of the hardest to run areas in your dealership — your Shuttle Dispatch. With Shuttle Tracker, you can replace those Post-it notes and dry erase boards with an easy-to-use, online scheduling and dispatching system. Keep track of all your Shuttle and Valet requests, whether you have one or multiple vehicles. No more calling around in the Customer Lounge throughout the day to see who needs a Shuttle!


Schedule Shuttle or Valet pick ups and drop offs on the fly, or days in advance

track vehicles

View accurate locations of all vehicles in real-time with large, scaleable, interactive map

plan routes

See at a glance all markers indicating different times and types of pick ups or drop offs to plan a driver's route.

VenueVision Shuttle Tracker


Select destination from stored favourites, customer history or profile details


Easy to access customer details and appointment data with DMS integration


Assign trips with one-click to send details directly to driver's phone. Notify customer of transportation details.

An easy-to-use scheduling system with the power of real-time tracking

A Window to all of your Transport Vehicles

Have full visibility to the location of all of your vehicles, any time of the day. Service staff can provide ETA of shuttle return and see who’s closest to send specific dispatch details to. Use on your Shuttles, Parts and Delivery Trucks and Loaner Vehicles.

Overview of daily trip history for each vehicle

See a full overview for each vehicle of their daily trip history. All customer bookings are stored for each trip. Review marked trips to see overlap and areas travelled. Can help enhance time and fuel efficiencies where multiple shuttles are in place. 

Provide enhanced Customer Service Experience

Take customer Shuttle requests ahead of time or at time of Service appointment, and keep them informed with text notifications and confirmations. Provide live shuttle ETA tracking and the ability to text Shuttle requests or changes.

ShuttleTracker App for drivers

Shuttle drivers can use VenueVision’s custom Shuttle Tracker App for full integration with dealership dashboard. The App provides drivers with notification when they have been assigned trips, or allow them to claim unassigned trips. Built in chat functionality. Message customers when on route.

Easy-to-use Shuttle App:

Assign trips to specific drivers with App alert notification

Drivers have visibility to other drivers and trip destinations

View routes and daily schedule for all assigned trips

Customer receives notification with link to track arrival

VenueVision Shuttle App

Provide a modern solution to streamline your Shuttle Department

It’s time to update your older processes with an automated, centralized web-based system that will have your customers’ needs taken care of from the time they book their Shuttle or Valet, to the time you drop them off at their door. Provide the level of customer service and mobile technology that your customers are looking for!

Added functionality

Bundle Shuttle Tracker with some of our other innovative solutions to add extra functionality to your dashboard. Schedule Shuttle and Valet pickups and drop offs right from your autoTEXT dashboard. Display live shuttle locations and schedule on dealer or customer facing screens.


Cloud-based text messaging solution



Deliver time-sensitive information on your digital screens