Create transparency, build trust and increase revenue

The use of video has been proven to boost customer engagement and provides the necessary transparency for customers to make informed decisions about their service repairs. 

VenueVision TechVideos
VenueVision TechVideos
VenueVision TechVideos


Receive more approvals and receive them faster


Increase ROI and average repair order values


Boost customer engagement and retention

Transparency Matters

of consumers
1 %

86% of consumers believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever before.

1 %

Using videos will boost a typical dealership’s closing rate on recommended service by up to 30%

of customers
1 %

The use of video helps persuade 73% of customers to buy a product or service

TechVideos Core Features

Harness the power of TechVideos with these features that make it easy for your technicians to record and submit videos

Pause Recording

Record, pause and then continue recording for one seamless video

Mute Audio

Mute and unmute your recording to block out loud noises

Control Flashlight

Make it easy to show customers every part of the vehicle

Choose Video Quality

Low and high quality options for every use case

Video Editing Tools

Easily rotate, crop and trim your video before submitting

Video Compression

Optionally compress videos for easier uploading

Let customers see exactly what needs to be repaired — and why!


Get more and faster approvals by providing detailed videos and images of recommended work. Help your customer’s make informed, educated decisions about required maintenance on their vehicles.

preferred format

Today’s customer is mobile savvy and conduct the majority of their communications on their phone. Connect with them instantly by sending videos of their vehicle to their preferred communication channel.

transparency = trust

Become your customer’s trusted source for service. The transparency of video will enhance the trust between customer and technicians, allowing customers to see under the hood — virtually.

Added Functionality

Bundle TechVideos with some of our other innovative solutions to add extra functionality to your dashboard. Attach detailed TechVideos in a professionally presented estimate for customers to review and approve. Build and send estimates and TechVideos directly from the autoTEXT dashboard.