TechVideos - Now Powered by AI

Noise Cancellation, Subtitles and Translation are now available in TechVideos – all powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Without New Features

With New Features

AI Noise Cancellation

With AI technology, automatically remove unwanted background and shop noises from your videos without distorting or compromising the main audio in real time. Your customers will be able to clearly hear your technician’s comments.

AI Subtitles

TechVideos harnesses the power of AI to auto-generate subtitles in English or French on every video captured, so users can easily view and understand your videos, even when their device is muted or in noisy environments.

AI Translation

Allow your viewers to translate their AI-generated subtitles into one of over 20 languages with the built-in video player language switcher, increasing engagement and responses.

Gain Transparency with TechVideos

of consumers
1 %

86% of consumers believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever before.

1 %

Using videos will boost a typical dealership’s closing rate on recommended service by up to 30%

of customers
1 %

The use of video helps persuade 73% of customers to buy a product or service

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