Text Estimates

Send professional, trackable estimates by text or email. Customers can view from the comfort of their mobile device or desktop computer and approve or defer any recommended service maintenance.

Increase ROI with easy-to-create branded, prioritized and itemized estimates

Receive instant notification of customer approvals

Send Automated follow up messages for deferred work

Create trust with price breakdowns, descriptions and videos

A professionally created estimate can build a line of trust between your Service Advisors and their customers. Make sure they have the tools to do so. VenueVision’s Text Estimate solution simplifies the process for your staff to create, send and track the recommended service maintenance they want to provide to their customers. With a detailed estimate, outlining necessary or suggested work and knowing the price in advance, customers are able to make educated decisions about additional service maintenance they might otherwise opt out of.

CREATE TEMPLATES for specific service categories

Create prebuilt templates which can include set pricing to send quick, error-free estimates.


Add transparency and increase customer confidence and trust with specific detailed videos or images.

provide cost breakdowns for each recommendation

Show breakdown of labour, parts or other costs for each recommended service item

set priority for each recommendation

Select a priority level for each repair allowing customer to choose what is more urgent.


Approved work will calculate additional total costs and require a two-step authorization before submitting.


Set automated follow up messages for deferred work, or export lists for specific categories of deferred service for follow up.

Benefits of digital estimates


Pre-build templates mean staff spend less time creating and sending estimates. Sending estimates by text means customers can quickly receive and view recommended maintenance and provide a fast response directly to their Service Advisor.


Each customer’s estimate remains part of their personal profile for quick review when needed. A centralized dashboard allows management to view and track all estimates that have been sent and see what has been approved or deferred. 


Text Estimates ensures you are reaching your customers in the fastest and most direct way — straight to your customer’s mobile device by text or email. Customers can review videos and costs and send quick approval from wherever they are. 

Your customers will thank you

Transparency closes communication gap between service bay and vehicle owner

Clear explanation with easy-to-view videos allow customers to make informed decisions

Customers appreciate the professional and enhanced customer service experience

Frictionless experience will build loyalty and strengthen customer retention

VenueVision Repair Estimates

Added functionality

Bundle Text Estimates with some of our other innovative solutions to add extra functionality to your dashboard. Use our TechVideos app to quickly record videos or take pictures to be sent directly to advisor. Provide a quick and secure mobile payment option for your customers to pay for their repair services.