Transparency matters

Create transparency, build trust and drive revenue with video​

A customer at a dealership puts their trust in the service department team every time they bring their vehicle in for maintenance or repair. In a lot of cases, it is a blind trust. For years, customers did not often have insight to their repairs or recommendations that the service team was providing outside of the proposed cost.

But times are changing. Customers want transparency — in some cases demand it. Not only in the pricing of the repairs, but transparency into the actual work that needs to be done and why. Dealerships that acknowledge this need will benefit from the trust it generates between customer and service advisor.

If you do not appear transparent with a customer about their repairs, it may look like you have something to hide, which is never how you want your department to appear. It can make your dealership look unprofessional, misleading, or as if you are keeping information from your customer about their vehicle.

Bring vehicle owners under the hood — virtually

With video and mobile technology at the hands of almost everyone, service departments can provide that look under the hood without the customer having to be there. Technology has made it easier than ever for service advisors and technicians to show any issues they find to the customer while explaining to them why a recommended repair is required.

Communication with video will increase the level of transparency in every day dealer-to-customer conversations about needed repairs. The use of video will help customers understand problems and see the reason behind additional service recommendations. It will provide tangible information they can see providing assurance that the issues being identified do exist. This will in turn allow them to make more confident, informed decisions.

Transparency increases CSI scores

Today’s service customer is mobile savvy. They most likely conduct the majority of business and personal communication on their phones. So why not continue that experience for them? Customers will appreciate receiving pictures and videos about their vehicle on their preferred communication channel.

Data shows that the simple practice of using multimedia, especially video, resulted in a 24% increase in ASR conversion rate. Providing options that target your customer’s needs and preferred channels will enhance their overall customer service experience. A positive service experience will in turn generate more positive feedback on Service Experience surveys and higher CSI scores.

Video Boosts RO values

The use of video also increases the likelihood of a service recommendation being approved. This will in turn, increase the overall RO totals for a dealership. According to a recent automotive survey, when dealerships send messages with mult-media, their upsell success rates improved by 6% for messages that contained pictures and by an impressive 26% for messages which included video.

Additionally, the survey showed that the overall dollar value per repair order also increased, with 54% of consumers agreeing to pay more for service when pictures or videos are offered.

Transparency can equal integrity

Most vehicle owners have limited knowledge of their vehicle’s mechanical parts and problems. Any help that a dealership can provide to shed light on these issues is greatly received. The increased transparency of capturing videos to highlight concerns is the most effective way to provide needed information and build the trust. And video communication doesn’t always have to point out areas of concern. A positive walk around video showing your customer that everything is fine under the hood will keep that customer coming back for future service — and build the trust in your team when there are recommended repairs.

Become your customer’s trusted source

A dealership that can educate their customers with picture or video-based communications will only enhance that trust between customer and service department. The video interaction will increase engagement with the customer and elevate their trust in your department and your staff. Your service advisors will receive more approvals for recommended services and increase their overall RO totals. It’s a win-win for both your team and your service customers.