Who needs a Shuttle?

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Improving how your Shuttle department functions can increase the overall service experience and customer satisfaction at your dealership

Shuttle Solutions

We’ve all been there, sitting in the car dealership lounge, hoping you won’t be too late for work or an appointment. Anxiously waiting for that Shuttle driver to walk in the door and call “Who needs a Shuttle?” With today’s technologies and conveniences, isn’t it time to change that experience?

Shuttle service can be one of the most chaotic areas of a dealership. Service Advisors are all taking shuttle requests and writing them down on post it notes. Then hopefully these notes will make it into the hands of the Shuttle driver upon their return to the dealership. Shuttle drivers are left to figure out who’s waiting, who needs to be picked up and to plan the most appropriate routes. Yet, for the customer, a timely shuttle ride is supposed to be part of the services that make it easier for them to get through the inconveniences of having their vehicle serviced.

With the advantage of Shuttle services, customers aren’t bound to stay and wait for longer repairs. They don’t have to rely on friends or family for a ride. More importantly, they can get on with their daily activities as needed without too much disruption to their schedule. Since your customers rely heavily on this added service, your dealership should make sure it’s not falling short on expectations.

Is your Shuttle Department failing?

Some of the things that can go wrong or be overlooked with Shuttle processes are:

  • A customer waits unnecessarily long at the dealership after dropping off their car because their shuttle request didn’t make it to the Shuttle driver in a timely manner
  • A customer is misinformed on how long the driver will be until they return and becomes frustrated
  • A shuttle driver goes to the wrong address to pick up a customer and is now late
  • Drivers are taking customers from one end of town to the other with no planned route
  • A customer isn’t updated on repair status and has to frequently call in to the dealership to find out when their vehicle may be ready and when they can expect a Shuttle
  • A customer does not get notified if the Shuttle will be late, and are left waiting and wondering

Any of these situations could directly impact the overall impression of your dealership, plus drastically affect the level of customer service you provide. Even if the car repair went smoothly and the price was agreeable, the negative customer service experience could jeopardize the customer’s return for future service. Or worse yet, could turn into negative feedback online!

VenueVision’s Shuttle Solutions

Have you experiences any of these complaints? If so, you could benefit from a proper management and scheduling solution. VenueVision provides flexible Shuttle Solutions that can work for any sized dealership and that can adapt to various processes to work with your whole team. Our Shuttle Solutions provide real-time visibility for Shuttle scheduling and dispatching that all advisors and Appointment Coordinators can have access to. Using a centralized desktop dashboard, all Shuttle requests are captured and shown in one easy-to-view location. Plus, it can be integrated with your DMS to access daily appointment information and customer details to make scheduling even easier.

Shuttle drop offs and pickups can be scheduled in a few easy steps. Riders can be assigned to specific Shuttles if more than one is available. Customers can receive automated text confirmations of shuttle requests booked and notifications of departure.

In the dealership, staff and Shuttle drivers can see a full overview of destinations on the dashboard and dispatch screens. The live-view maps show marked pickups and drop offs and full customer details listed by priority and time. This visibility will help in routing to prevent overlap and help increase efficiency and productivity. Newly added Shuttle requests or completed Shuttle rides are added or removed from screen in real-time.

Shuttle requests can even be booked in advance. Appointment coordinators can schedule shuttle rides for customers when they are booking their Service Appointments. All the information will be in place on the day of their appointment, so your team can see in advance what their daily schedule will look like.

Improve you Customer Service experience

With VenueVision’s Shuttle Solutions, your drivers and staff will always see at a glance if there are new customers waiting, who’s already been assigned or completed, and what the best route should be. Customers can be informed of Shuttle departure and expected pick up times, and their information will be correctly and instantly relayed to the drivers.

By having the right tools to provide a more organized, efficient and streamlined Shuttle service, your customers will appreciate the enhanced level of customer service they experience.  It’s important to invest the time and resources into making the Shuttle service experience more convenient and memorable. This will in turn reflect on the customer’s overall appreciation and positive dealership experience. A positive customer experience will result in increased customer loyalty and retention.

Book a demo to see all that our Shuttle Solutions can offer.


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PR – Who needs a Shuttle?

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Card Not Present transactions pose a serious risk for dealerships

Here’s why you should stop taking credit card information over the phone and shut off manual payment on your credit card terminals

December 2018

In today’s fast-paced society, dealerships are faced with the difficult position of wanting to accept payments for their customers that are quick and simple. While at the same time providing the highest level of safety and security.

Dealers who take credit card payments over the phone can be victimized if they are not aware of fraud protection practices or are not abiding by Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. In the case of credit card fraud, not only do the merchants lose the product sold, they are often required to pay back the funds to the financial institutions.

Mobile Cashier Credit Card Fraud

A higher rate of fraud

Statistics show that card-not-present (CNP) transactions have a higher rate of fraud than card machine payments. CNP includes over the phone payments where the cardholder does not physically present the card to the merchant.

Card not present transactions pose a serious risk for businesses and individuals. CNP is the most prevalent type of credit card fraud. It reached $537.3 Million CAD in 2016 and continues to rise.” (Creditcardscanada.ca)

Customers have come to expect secure transactions processed and authorized in real-time. Yet, many dealerships do not realize the risks involved when collecting sensitive payment card information over the phone. What would happen if your customers experienced identity theft and fraud that occurred as a result of doing business with you? Not only would you run the risk of losing that customer, you would have to convince your remaining customers that your dealership is a safe place to do business.

Surprisingly, it’s humans, and not technology, who are the weakest link in the payment processing chain. Staff can account for the majority of data breaches. Having employees have access to sensitive credit card data by hearing it spoken by the customer in order to write it down or enter it into their DMS or CRM system puts you at risk from fraud. Think of all the ways human error can increase the risks when taking payments over the phone:

  • Untrained employees
  • Unethical behaviour
  • Privacy breaches – losing data, hand written credit information left out, computer left unattended
  • Unethical behaviour of people in proximity to your employees/customers

Compliancy can be complicated

To be compliant, businesses that accept or process payment cards over the phone need to adhere to the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Here’s a short list of what some of those standards call for:

  • Staff hearing credit card data over the phone require the scope of background checks and security awareness training
  • Employees need to know how to handle data securely. Written records of the credit card data must be shredded immediately after processing
  • If the information is being entered anywhere in your system, numbers must be truncated to only display the last 4 digits
  • Systems and workstations been configured with technology such as heightened network perimeter security, antivirus software and firewall protection systems

If you can’t say yes to all of the above, then you need to STOP taking credit card information over the phone immediately and shut off your manual payment on your credit card terminals!

It’s not a question of IF a credit card fraud will happen at your dealership, it’s a question of WHEN!

Mobile Cashier eliminates the risk

So, how can you identify a secure technology solution for processing payments over the phone? The answer is simply not to! Don’t write information down, don’t manually enter credit card numbers or store sensitive data at all. The best way to comply with PCI Data Security Standards is to remove that form of payment entirely.

Technology solutions like Mobile Cashier, obtain real-time authorizations securely using a simple, safe and secure payment link. Send payment links by text or email so customers can pay directly from their mobile device or computer. No special software or App is needed. The secure payment link takes them directly to a Dealer-branded payment page to review their invoice summary and then proceed to the secure payment page where they need only enter their credit card and CV numbers. It’s that simple, that safe and that fast.

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